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The national appointment numbers serve until 29th of January 2021 between 8am and 12pm. The SelfChat is closed for now. We continue to work on reducing the queue in our phone services. You will be called back within 1 to 3 days. The national service numbers are: Our national service numbers are: general and mental health 046 710 1073 and oral health 046 710 1085.
Seasonal influenza vaccination for people at high risk at November and December. Make an appointment by calling 046 710 1073 (call back request).



The services are produced by FSHS Rauma and FSHS Pori.

Service unit's opening hours
Mon–Thu 8 am–3 pm, Fri 8 am–2 pm

General and mental health services
FSHS Rauma
Visiting address
Seminaarinkatu 3, 26100 Rauma
Location on map

Oral health services
Visiting address
Yrjönkatu 6, 28100 Pori
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Service unit’s opening hours
Mon–Thu 8 am–3 pm, Fri 8 am–2 pm

Treatment need assessments and appointments

in SelfChat
General and mental health services
Mon–Thu 8 am–3 pm, Fri 8 am–2 pm
Oral health services 
Mon–Thu 12 am–3 pm, Fri 12 am–2 pm

Mon–Thu 8 am–3 pm, Fri 8 am–2 pm
General and mental health services 046 710 1073
Oral health services 046 710 1085

Checking or cancelling appointments

Cancellation phone
General and mental health services 046 710 1028
Oral health services 046 710 1034

Laboratory examinations

The service is produced by SYNLAB Suomi Oy
Check the nearest service unit

Appointments to the laboratory only with a FSHS referral either through SYNLAB’s Health Folder or by phone 010 326 3260

Appointment booking instructions

Imaging examinations

Service production under preparation
Services are produced by Terveystalo Rauma
Visiting address
Valtakatu 9-11, 26100 Rauma
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Appointments through Terveystalo
Appointments to imaging examinations require a referral

Exceptional opening hours

FSHS own service units’ are open on New Year’s Eve, Maundy Thursday and 30 April FSHS between 8.00 and 12.30.

The service area’s administration

  • Regional Director Maisa Kuusela
  • Regional Medical Director Leeni Mäkelä
  • Regional Medical Director for Mental Health Johanna Nikkilä
  • Regional Medical Director for Dentistry Hannaleena Havia
  • Head Nurse, FSHS West Elisabeth Smedman
  • Head Nurse, FSHS West Mari-Anne Mahkonen
  • Head Nurse for Oral Health, FSHS West Mervi Saarinen
  • Office Secretary Merja Kuusisto

Local health care providers

  • general / mental health:
    • In the evenings and at weekends 7:30-22 contact the emergency service of the City of Rauma health centre, phone (02) 835 2670, address Steniuksenkatu 2, Rauma.
    • At nighttime 22-7:30  Satasairaalan yhteispäivystys. You must call before you go there, number is 116 117  and adress is Sairaalatie 3, Pori.
    • Hurry Reception is intended suddenly and seriously ill and emergency first aid to those in need, as well as in patients whose overall condition has suddenly and significantly weakened. In genuine emergencies the emergency number is 112.
  • oral health:
    • From Monday to Friday between 8-16 The emercency dental care service of the city of Rauma Health center, tel 02 835 2820, Steniuksenkatu 2, Rauma.
    • From Mon-Fri in the evening 16-21, weekends or midweek holiday contact Satasairaala, tel 116 117, Sairaalatie 3, Pori.
    • At nighttime 21-08 contact the hospital district Southwest Finland, tel 02 313 8800, Savitehtaankatu 1, Turku
    • From dental emergency duty you can have only immediate first aid when you have got sudden pain or swelling in your mouth or teeth or if you have had on accident to your mouth. Urgency of treatment need assessments is estimated by phone.