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When you require mental health services you will receive properly targeted help the first time you are in touch with a healthcare professional. If your symptoms require treatment, you will be given access to mental health groups or guided self-care, which includes advice and support from a psychiatric nurse. If necessary, you will be further referred to a general practitioner.

Mental health self-care

You can promote your mental health by taking care of yourself. The FSHS website contains mental health information that can help you to take care of your mental well-being: Mental Health – FSHS provides self-help programmes free of charge to improve your well-being when you are worried about your mental health or you have mild symptoms. You can utilise these programmes whether or not you have a diagnosis. offers self-care programmes on the following (mainly in Finnish):

Excessive alcohol consumption
Sexual interest in children (also in English)
ReDirection (also in English)
Social anxiety
Eating disorders and body image disorders
Lifetraps (schemas)
Persistent bodily symptoms
Break-up crisis
Shocking events
Money problems
Well-being during pregnancy and caring for a baby
Gender identity

Mental health group activities

During the academic year we’ll be organising several mental health groups aimed at the prevention and treatment of mental health issues. There’ll be group meetings at service units as well as remote meetings. You’ll be able to get peer support and tips to promote your health and take control of your life.
Read more about group activity services: Mental Health – FSHS

Other treatment options

Introduce yourself in psychiatric nurse’s appointment

Introduce yourself in general practitioner’s appointment

Introduce yourself in psychologist’s short-term therapy and appointment

Introduce yourself in psychiatrist’s consultation and appointment