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We at the FSHS do our best to ensure you are satisfied with your treatment. We comply with the guidelines, recommendations and practices on treatment quality and safety to ensure high quality and safety on each treatment visit.

However, there may sometimes be situations where treatment does not meet our objectives or quality standards. We hope that you will contact us in such situations. All feedback will be carefully studied.

Give feedback

You can give feedback on the treatment and the service you have received by completing a customer feedback form. If you are logged in when giving feedback, you will receive a reply within three working days.

Discuss the matter personally

If you are dissatisfied with the treatment you have received or the way you were treated, discuss it openly with the person who treated you or their manager. With open discussion, misunderstandings can be resolved and errors corrected as soon as possible.

You can contact the person that treated you by completing a contact request form on the Self online service. You can also consult the patient ombudsman.

Submit an objection

You have the legal right to submit an objection concerning the treatment you have received or the way you were treated. Consider submitting an objection if discussion at the treatment unit does not help. Submit the objection in writing using the FSHS’s objection form. The objection should include

  • a clear description of the issue
    • the names of the persons concerned, and
    • the date of the incident.

The patient ombudsman will help you in submitting the objection if necessary.

Print out the completed form and mail it to the Medical Director (matters related to general or mental healthcare) or the Medical Director of Dentistry (matters related to oral healthcare). See contact details here. You will always receive a written reply stating how your issue has been investigated by the FSHS and what action has been taken.

Submit a complaint

If you are dissatisfied with the reply to your objection or if the issue remains unclear, you have the right to submit a complaint. You can submit a complaint to the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health (Valvira).

The patient ombudsman will help you in submitting the complaint, if necessary.

Submit a notice of patient injury

If you suspect a treatment error, you have the right to submit a notice of patient injury to the Patient Insurance Centre. You can submit the notice using a form on the Patient Insurance Centre website. The site also contains instructions on completing the notice.