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Technical problems in the telecommunications systems at a national service provider were observed on the 22nd of June 2021 between 8.00am and 3.00pm. The technical issues could have prevented our phone, appointment and chat services from functioning. In case you had a remote consultation, which could not be conducted, you will be contacted. We regret the inconvenience caused.

FSHS healthcare professionals primarily issue health certificates and statements related to studying. Issues related to work or hobbies, etc., belong mainly to occupational healthcare, a health centre or the private sector.

Certificates and statements free of charge

  • Statements on the ability to work and study
    • Short sickness absence certificates for work placement or institutions of higher education
    • Medical statement A or B on the ability to work when applying for sickness allowance or pension (when the statement does not require assessment in specialist healthcare)
  • Certificates regarding studies and the ability to study
    • Statements regarding assessment of unsuitability for study
    • Healthcare report on health reasons affecting study progress (when Kela has required for a report on study progress)
    • Healthcare report for applying for extension to complete studies
    • Study-related examinations, certificates and statements required by the Infectious Diseases Act and other legislation
    • Other certificates required by the legislation for exchange studies forming a compulsory part of studies or degree course (Any laboratory or imaging examinations associated with exchange studies are subject to a charge.)
  • Statements on the need for rehabilitation and disability allowances
    • Medical statement on rehabilitation psychotherapy, rehabilitation courses or vocational rehabilitation
    • Medical statement C on disability allowance for persons aged 16 years or over, or on care allowance for pensioners
  • Treatment-related statements
    • Medical statement B on medication reimbursability
    • Treatment-related medical statement for legal proceedings
    • Treatment-related medical statement for the military authorities
    • Treatment-related medical statement E for insurance companies
    • Certificate of vaccination
  • Statements on family planning
    • Medical statement and referral for abortion
    • Medical statement and referral for sterilization

Certificates not provided by the FSHS

  • Certificate for driver’s licence
  • Medical certificate for firearms licence
  • Medical certificate on national service fitness class
  • Certificates for voluntary exchange studies
  • Certificate for employment applications (certificate T)
  • Certificate for a reduced tax-paying ability
  • Certificates for sporting or leisure-time activities
  • HIV certificate or other similar certificates for purposes other than studying