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Everyone has the right of access to documents in the public domain. A request for information submitted to a foundation appointed for the performance of a public task shall be sufficiently clearly detailed so that the foundation can determine which document the request concerns. The foundation is obliged, when necessary, to assist the person making the information request in specifying the request in more detail.

Management of registered information by the FSHS

FSHS registers information that is related to the provision of statutory services and that concerns documents and the consideration of matters. Registered information is stored in the FSHS’s operational information systems related to the provision of statutory services.

FSHS datasets and information pools

An information pool refers to an entity containing datasets used by the foundation in performance of its tasks or for other activities. The FSHS processes the information in information pools mainly through information systems. Matters related to the provision of statutory services are registered in patient information systems.

The FSHS manages information pools related to the following information and information entities:

  • Patient datasets related to the following services: general health, mental health and oral health
  • General management data repositories, including datasets related to the organisation’s strategy and decision-making, stakeholder datasets, authority datasets related to the provision of services
  • Datasets related to finances, including financial planning and accounting datasets, procurement datasets
  • HR management datasets, including datasets related to recruitment and employment management
  • Communication datasets
  • Quality control datasets

Submitting an information request

The information request should specify which information or document the request concerns. To submit an information request to the FSHS, use the relevant link below: