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The responsibilities of student healthcare include early identification of any special support, carrying out examinations or tests required by students, providing support, and, if necessary, issuing referrals for further tests or treatment, and providing the treatment and statements required by students who have been referred for psychotherapy. It is important to note that the special needs mentioned in the Health Care Act are different from the special needs in educational legislation.

Special needs in higher education students may be due to the following:

  • Chronic somatic illness
  • A psychiatric disorder or substance abuse problem
  • Problems with neurological development
  • Being subjected to violence
  • Repeated injuries
  • Problems with money and living conditions.

The FSHS seeks to identify any special needs as early as possible. Any issues relating to students or their study environment that may impair healthy growth and development need to be investigated. In order to assess special needs and to provide support, additional appointments and house calls can be arranged. A health and well-being plan created together with the student forms the basis for special support. The support provided will be monitored and assessed by student healthcare staff. Other parties may also be engaged in assessing special needs and providing support. For students in higher education this takes the form of a collaboration, particularly with the institution of higher education and other parties involved in the student’s treatment and/or support. A person responsible for support measures will be appointed as part of the health and well-being plan.

Wherever possible when assessing special needs and support procedures, a student health meeting should be arranged to allow the student and the representatives of the higher education institution to discuss the situation. Special support in student healthcare thus means not just treatment and rehabilitation but support for the student’s the ability to study in general.