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The selection of group activity services related to mental health consists of Depression school, anxiety management groups and StressLess skill training groups. In addition to these, service units may provide other groups as well.

Our group activities approach is practical. Participants receive in them information about problems related to mental health. And participants learn self-treatment techniques and also learn from other peers who have the same type of issues. The focus at the groups is practicing. Each participant can share their own experiences at the group to the extent they feel comfortable about it. All participants are bound to keep the discussions at the groups as confidential.

To participate in group activities related to mental health you agree with our professionals in connection of making your individual treatment plan.

You must inform us of possible absences well in advance in order to avoid the fee for unattended appointments.

Information regarding the group activities is updated at the beginning of autumn and spring semester. Additional information about group activities can be received at the service units.

Groups in English

Depression school

A national English speaking distance group starts 20 September 2023 at 8.30 – 10.30 am.
The group is organized by FSHS North and it is meant to all English-speaking students in Finland.

StressLess coaching course

A national English speaking distance group starts 28 September 2023 at 9.30–11 am. The group is organized by FSHS North

See also groups in Finnish.