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Take charge of your own oral health! The keys to good dental self-care are regular tooth brushing and paying attention to the effects of eating and drinking on dental and gingival health.

Self-care pays off. You’re the one taking care of your teeth 365 days a year, whereas responsibility rests with FSHS oral health professionals during an average of only 1.5 appointments a year.

Brushing your teeth once daily is not enough. According to studies, the recommendations for tooth brushing are not met by all students. Teeth need fluoride twice daily for its effects on enamel protection and repair to be of benefit.

Inadequate cleaning is one of the main single risk factors for gingival diseases. Many adults brushing their teeth twice daily do not brush them carefully enough. Interdental cleaning is part of the efficient daily care of teeth.

Freshen your kisses, as clean teeth are also important for pleasant experiences.