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The health care fee for students in higher education, paid to Kela, covers all FSHS services for students. We do not charge for other services or appointments, except a charge for an unattended appointment.

However, please note that if you receive a referral from FSHS to a specialist doctor or specialist health care, the service provider has the right to charge a visit fee according to its own price list.

Charge for an unattended appointment

We charge our customers a fee for unattended appointments if the student has not arrived at the agreed appointment nor rescheduled or cancelled the appointment on time. Appointments should be rescheduled or cancelled no later than one full day (24 hours) prior to the appointment. In 2024, the fee is 56.70 euros.

Please note that you must come to a booked appointment, even if you do not receive a separate reminder message beforehand.

The fee for unattended appointments concerns all appointments and examinations both FSHS´s own service units and partner service units. This also applies for example to remote appointments, laboratory visits and vaccination visits. You can apply for correction to the unattended appointment fee within two months from the date of the invoice, in case there was an acceptable reason behind your absence. Instructions for this are below in the section Requesting correction of an FSHS invoice.

We will send out your invoice either by e-invoice or mail according to your choice. You can set up the e-invoice service on your online banking pages or via the OmaPosti service.

E-invoicing via your online bank

You can set up an e-invoicing agreement with us through following your own bank’s instructions. However, you can only set up an e-invoice agreement after you have received one paper invoice.

E-invoicing via the OmaPosti service

If you are not yet using the OmaPosti service:

  • Set up an OmaPosti account.
  • Choose to receive FSHS letters and invoices via OmaPosti.

If you are already using the OmaPosti service:

  • You can choose to receive FSHS letters and invoices via OmaPosti.
  • Your invoices will be sent to OmaPosti.

If you are not using the e-invoicing service

  • You will receive your invoices by mail. Check that your contact information on the Self online service is up to date. Address in the FSHS data system are not automatically updated via the population register.

Requesting correction of an FSHS invoice

If, according to you, an invoice is inappropriate, you can request a correction via the Feedback about invoice form in the Self online service. The request for correction must be made within two months from the invoice date. Use the correction form even if you have already paid the bill. This way, you can choose the service unit where the matter should be controlled.

  • You can ask for an invoice to be corrected if you consider it to be incorrect and you are dissatisfied with the customer fee.
  • You can ask for a correction if you have received a payment reminder about an invoice that you think you have already paid. Before requesting a correction, check that you have paid the invoice using the correct reference number, the correct bank account and the correct amount.
  • Logging into the Self online form requires identification. If you for some reason cannot log into the form but there is something unclear about the bill, please contact us via our national service numbers.
  • We want to ensure that our clients’ data are always protected. For this reason, we do not respond to invoicing-related matters by e-mail.

Debt collection

Unpaid invoices will be sent to the debt collection company Visma Amili for collection. The client is responsible for payment of the costs incurred due to debt collection.