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16.1.2020 12 pm: Forms related to invoices and reminders of payments are currently not available at the Self-service. The disturbance will be mended within week 5. Contact your local service unit in urgent matters. We regret the inconvenience caused.

Most of our services are free of charge, but appointments with specialists, dentists and specialised dentists are subject to a charge. A fee is also charged for issuing official statements and certificates. We also make a charge for missed appointments that have not been cancelled or cancelled less than 24 hours prior to the appointment.

Services subject to charge

(excluding appointments with psychiatrists)
€ 24
Dentist/Specialised dentist
more than 10 min – max. 20 min
€ 18
Dentist/Specialised dentist
more than 20 min – max. 40 min
€ 26
Dentist/Specialised dentist
more than 40 min
€ 32


Medical statement on treatment
(medicines with special reimbursement
status or clinical medicinal products)
€ 28
Medical statement on the need for rehabilitation€ 28
Medical statement on the ability to work
(rehabilitation subsidy or disability pension)
€ 28  
Medical statement for legal proceedings€ 28
Medical statement for the military authorities€ 28
Medical statement C issued
by a general practitioner or specialist
€ 28
Medical statement for a visa€ 28


Medical statement E for insurance companies€ 70

Other fees

Copies of patient documents
You can have a copy of your patient documents
free of charge once a year.
€ 35  
Uncancelled appointments
Appointments should be cancelled
or rescheduled no later than one full day
(24 hours) prior to the appointment.
Disruptions in the booking information
service will not affect the fees described above.
€ 35

Service options