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Our national service number for general and mental health serves exceptionally from the 22nd of September to the 24th of September 2021 from 8am to 1pm. We regret the inconvenience caused.


In SelfChat or telephone:
General and mental health  0467101073
Oral health 0467101085


Look after your health on the quick and easy online service for students. Check out the Self-service.



Worried about your health? Find information and self-care instructions in the student health resource pages.


Instructions on how to take care of your business during the coronavirus epidemic

Read the instructions on how you can take care of your business at the FSHS and read more about COVID-19 tests and vaccines.

remote consultations

Welcome to remote consultation

The FSHS’s healthcare professionals can be reached via video consultations in numerous situations. For remote consultations, you’ll need a device such as a computer or a smartphone. Consultations are carried out in Self in accordance with the FSHS data protection statement.


Are you worried about your health?

Try the health information resource! Through there you can find plenty of articles, information and self-care instructions for different situations that concern your health and well-being.

Hey student, master the facts!

Any questions about how to use our services? To this page we are collecting frequently asked questions and answers about how to use our services.


Influenza vaccinations for health and welfare students from the FSHS in late autumn

Under the national vaccination programme, medical students and health and welfare students in higher education, as well as students belonging to a risk group can receive their influenza vaccinations from …

New mental health service line in SelfChat

A new service line for mental health treatment guidance has been opened in SelfChat. This mental health line provides students with assessment of the need for treatment and guidance on services …

Remember to reschedule or cancel your appointment if you are unable to arrive

Cancel or reschedule as soon as possible if you cannot come on your scheduled appointment. In this case, your appointment can be used by someone else who needs it.

Delays in the transfer of enrollment information from University of Turku, Uniarts Helsinki and Aalto University

Information has not been delivered to the FSHS from University of Turku, Uniarts Helsinki and Aalto University due to the introduction of new study systems in the mentioned universities.