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Contact us in SelfChat or via the phone service of your FSHS unit, so we can assess your need for treatment and book you an appointment if necessary.


Look after your health on the quick and easy online service for students. Check out the Self-service.



Worried about your health? Find information and self-care instructions in the student health resource pages.


New student welcome to FSHS!

You are welcome to use our health services as a university student. The FSHS provides students with support for well-being and health and on top of that we provide support for the betterment of health of study communities.

Free remote testing for STDs

Free remote testing for STDs

Are you suspecting you might have chlamydia or gonorrhea? Our free remote test is a quick and easy way to find out if you have gonorrhea or chlamydia. If you received a positive test result, then contact your own FSHS service unit for a need of treatment assessment. In case your service unit is closed then contact your local municipal health center.


FSHS 2021

Follow the expansion of FSHS

The Act on healthcare for students in higher education will take effect on 1 January 2021. The new law will mean many changes for FSHS through increasing the customer and staff volumes as well as expanding the service network to new locations.

remote consultation

Welcome to remote consultation

The FSHS’s healthcare professionals can be reached via video consultations in numerous situations. For remote consultations, you’ll need a device such as a computer or a smartphone. Consultations are carried out in Self in accordance with the FSHS data protection statement.


FSHS reinforces a growing organization: Five regional directors to be responsible of leading and results

From the 1st of January 2021 our service network will be divided into five service regions. Five regional directors, who are responsible of results, have been selected for these regions.

Instructions on how to take care of your business during the coronavirus epidemic

Read the instructions on how you can take care of your business at FSHS and how you can estimate your own condition.

New student welcome to FSHS!

You are welcome to use our health services as a university student. Read more about our services.

Temporary disturbances in service activities due to renovations in our service units

We are preparing for the growing customer numbers and more extensive service production by setting up new service units and by renovating current premises and adapting them for new uses.