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Our national service number for oral health is congested. The service number for oral health is exceptionally open Mon-Fri until 2.30pm and on Friday until 1.30pm. We regret the inconvenience caused.

Our mission at FSHS is to promote students’ health, well-being and fitness to study. In addition to treatment and guidance, we value health promotion at both individual and community level.

The FSHS has about 900. Our multidisciplinary working community includes general practitioners, nurses and public health nurses, physiotherapists, dentists and dental assistants, oral hygienists, psychologists, specialists in psychiatry, psychiatric nurses, as well as other employees assisting with treatment or working in administration.

FSHS employees share the values of equality, courage and caring. These values can be seen in our working community, during appointments, in work on behalf of the student community, and in the development of our digital services.

Are you interested in working in a multidisciplinary community to promote student health?

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