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Your oral health affects your overall health and quality of life. And a healthy lifestyle helps to promote your well-being. A healthy lifestyle and attention to oral health also help to prevent dental caries and gum diseases.

Promoting oral health means paying attention to your dental care and being aware of your eating and drinking habits. Brush your teeth carefully with a fluoride toothpaste twice daily, and don’t forget interdental cleaning. Constant snacking and drinking sugary and/or acidic drinks several times a day between meals increase the risk of dental caries and dental erosion. Use xylitol products regularly after meals and snacks.

Daily oral self-care and the choices you make are the most important factors affecting your oral health. These pages provide you with helpful instructions and tips. Oral health professionals promote and maintain your oral health by carrying out different procedures during your appointments. With appropriately-timed treatment, they help to ensure problem-free study time and support your oral self-care by providing health advice.