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Self is an online student service developed to speed up your contacts with the FSHS. You can use Self to book, cancel or reschedule appointments, take part in health surveys, contact the person treating you via a contact form, access to remote consultation, fill in preliminary information forms and communicate via chat (mon-thu 12–3 pm and fri 12–2 pm). You can also use it to view your investigation results and for secure communications with FSHS professionals. Self continues to grow and develop.  

Students: please register to use the online service. Thereafter FSHS will send you invitation letters and electronic questionnaires you can fill in before your appointment

To register for Self

  • Use your online banking ID or mobile ID to log in to the service. When you log in, you will be identified and your right to use FSHS services will be checked. Note that you must have paid the FSHS healthcare fee. The information in the FSHS system will be updated from the universities’ Virta study information service every night.
  • When logging in for the first time, you should accept the terms and conditions of the service.
  • To start using Self, fill in your contact details. Remember to specify your preferred method (SMS or e-mail) of receiving new information alerts sent to you via the service.
  • You can use Self to book or reschedule your appointments if you have received the required permissions in connection with your treatment need assessment. However, you cannot make an appointment booking if the appointment given is an urgent appointment for the current day, a video appointment or a procedure visit.
  • Everyone can view and cancel their appointments without permission. A fee of 35 euros will be charged for unkept appointments that are not cancelled or are cancelled less than 24 hours prior to the appointment (since 31.7.2018).
  • Self allows you to receive secure messages from FSHS staff about your current treatment. You can reply to these messages through the service.
  • Personal feedback on the health questionnaire included in first-year students’ health check will be given via Self.

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 International student authentication

What is Self?

  • Self is a service that allows FSHS clients to manage their appointments online.
  • To book or change an appointment you need an appointment ticket, which you can get from a FSHS nurse or doctor during an assessment of the need for treatment or an appointment.
  • You do not need a ticket to check or cancel appointments that have already been booked.
  • Allows clients communicate via chat (mon-thu 12–3 pm and fri 12–2 pm).
  • Contact the person treating you via the contact form

What is My Kanta?

  • My Kanta is an online service provided by the Social Insurance Institution (Kela). The service is available to all those with a Finnish ID number. You can use the service to check your health information such as laboratory results and medical records.
  • You can also see your electronic prescriptions and request renewals of them.
  • The service enables transferring data between different healthcare service providers.
  • You can consent to which data can be shared with different healthcare service providers (e.g. the FSHS and your local health centre), and you can change or withdraw your consent at any time.
  • At present the FSHS general health and mental health services use the Kanta system. Our oral health services will join the service later.