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Most laboratory testing of students visiting the FSHS will be carried out at service units of SYNLAB Suomi Oy. Check the SYNLAB website for contact details and opening hours. Our partner units will provide laboratory testing with their subcontractors.

Laboratory testing is provided free of charge when a referral to the testing has been made by a FSHS healthcare professional. Your healthcare fee for students in higher education must also have been paid to receive testing.

This is how laboratory services will be provided

  • A healthcare professional at the FSHS will give you a referral for laboratory testing at SYNLAB. Laboratory examinations performed at the FSHS are free of charge.
  • After you have received the referral, you can book an appointment for laboratory tests directly at SYNLAB. You can book all laboratory appointments by phone 010 326 3260 (weekdays 7.30 am to 6 pm, Saturdays 10 am to 2 pm) or on SYNLAB’s electronic “Health Folder” system (except Pori where you need to call the number 010 326 3260).
  • Mobile phone rates to 010 business numbers depends on the contract between the caller and
    the telephone operator. When calling with a landline phone the charge is the local network rate.
  • You may cancel or change the appointment no later than 24 hours before the booked appointment. If you miss your appointment or cancel it too late without an acceptable reason, you’ll be charged a fee for the unattended appointment (in 2024 56.70 euros).
  • The laboratory results will be sent to the person treating you at the FSHS. You can view the results of most tests on SYNLAB’s Health Folder and the Kanta service.