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16.1.2020 12 pm: Forms related to invoices and reminders of payments are currently not available at the Self-service. The disturbance will be mended within week 5. Contact your local service unit in urgent matters. We regret the inconvenience caused.

Self online service

The Self online service is easy to use for all our customers. It makes it easy to chat, manage your appointment bookings, view your laboratory test results, fill in preliminary information forms, or ask about your current treatment using a contact form.

Service phone numbers

The FSHS has national service phone numbers intended for hearing-impaired customers:

Health care and medical care tel. 046 8769 155

Oral health tel. 046 8769 117

How to use the service:

  • Contact your text relay service provider and request a call to the FSHS’s number for hearing-impaired customers.
  • The text relay service will read out your message to the FSHS healthcare professional .
  • The text relay service will type the answers given by the FSHS healthcare professional back to you.

Service options