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At the beginning of 2021, the FSHS assembled a panel consisting of students at universities and universities of applied sciences. The aim is to give students a say in how the FSHS should develop its services.

The student panel is part of client involvement work at the FSHS, and its aim is to profoundly understand the needs and user experiences of students, to solve any bottlenecks related to the work of the FSHS, and to put forward proposals for development, new solutions and ways of working.

How the student panel works

  • New panelists are recruited yearly through announcements published at the end of the year.
  • Regional and university-specific distribution is reflected in the composition of the panel. The number of panelists may vary year on year.
  • Panelists commit to the work of the panel for one year (+ 1 year). Panelists may continue their participation until the end of the term even if they finish their studies before that.
  • Chairpersons of smaller groups will be chosen from among the student panelists.
  • The panel includes FSHS experts from several service areas.
  • The panel convenes 6 to 9 times a year, including general meetings a few times a year as well as smaller group meetings 2 to 3 times during the spring term and 2 to 3 times during the autumn term.
  • The panel convenes in Teams and the language is mainly Finnish.