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The research activities of the FSHS focus on student healthcare. The goal of our research activities is to increase knowledge about university students’ health, illnesses and health services, while also providing data for the basis of FSHS activity planning and decision-making.

The person responsible for FSHS research activities is the Medical Director, who is also the person who grants research permissions for multidisciplinary projects. Sector managers assess and approve study protocols as per their respective clinical topics, and grant the research permissions. All research conducted at the FSHS requires a research permission.

Research at the FSHS

  • FSHS’s research activities comprise research planned, carried out or requested by the FSHS.
  • Collaboratory research means research serving our mission and studying our clientele, personnel or activities.
  • Other research concerning FSHS clients. Other research concerning FSHS clients means research conducted by an external party and/or a member of FSHS staff. Typical cases include clinical research studies.