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The FSHS whistleblowing channel allows our partners to report any suspicions of breaches, problems or misconduct in FSHS activities. The channel is intended for members of the FSHS Board of Trustees and the FSHS Council as well as FSHS staff, self-employed healthcare professionals, trainees, volunteers, contractors and suppliers.

The whistleblowing channel is a secure service provided by a third party, and reports are only accessible to persons authorised by our organisation. Reports may be anonymous or include the whistleblower’s name. They must, however, always be submitted in good faith, and the matters reported must fall within the scope of applicable law. We will process all reports submitted through the whistleblowing channel and contact the whistleblower if necessary.

There are also other ways to contact the FSHS about its services. If your feedback is related to

There is also a reporting channel maintained by the Office of the Chancellor of Justice, which can be used in certain situations for reports subject to whistleblower protection. For more information on this reporting channel, visit the Office of the Chancellor of Justice website: Centralised external reporting channel.