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1. Assessing your need for treatment and service guidance

Before you can be referred to any FSHS service or partner service unit, your need for treatment will be assessed by the FSHS. You can contact the FSHS using the service forms provided in the Self online service, in SelfChat or by phone to have your need for treatment assessed. If you’re unsure, check your right to use FSHS services. Make sure your contact details in the Self service are up to date before you contact the FSHS for an assessment of your need for treatment. Please note that we’ll be able to process your matter faster if you use only one service channel at a time.

As part of the assessment of the need for treatment, a healthcare professional will evaluate your situation, assessing your need for treatment and its level of urgency. The healthcare professional can for example provide you with self-care instructions. If you need further healthcare services, the professional will give you an appointment or instructions on how to book one with an FSHS partner. 

Please note that the FSHS doesn’t offer emergency services or services during evenings, nights or weekends. Our service units are open in the daytime on weekdays. If you need urgent care, contact an emergency healthcare clinic in your area of residence.

In urgent matters, call the national emergency number 112.

Complete service forms in Self

The Self online service contains various service forms that you can use to contact the FSHS, whenever or wherever you choose. You can use a form to contact the FSHS about

  • an asthma check-up or renewal of an asthma prescription
  • requesting a doctor’s statement for continuing rehabilitative psychotherapy
  • requesting a prescription for allergy medicines
  • a salmonella certificate
  • a positive chlamydia test (whether laboratory or remote test)
  • being tested for STDs
  • birth control 
  • advice and vaccinations for travel
  • symptoms of a urinary tract infection in women

Complete the appropriate form and we’ll then contact you within 24 hours (on weekdays) by sending you a Self message or an SMS or by calling you. Please note that the call will come from an unknown number. The processing time is mentioned on each service form.

Chat in Self

You can contact our healthcare professionals in SelfChat. SelfChat is open

  • for oral health questions Mon–Fri 9 am–11 am
  • for general and mental health questions Mon–Fri 9 am–11 am
  • for questions related to technical problems Mon–Fri 09 am–11 am

There is a designated service line in SelfChat for hearing-impaired customers.

Call our phone service and wait to be called back

Call our nationwide service numbers, which are open Mon–Thu 8 am–3 pm and Fri 8 am–2 pm.

  • General and mental health services, tel. 046 710 1073
  • Oral health services, tel. 046 710 1085

Choose a service number based on whether you’re looking for oral health services or general and mental health services. Leave a callback request using the phone service. After this, we’ll call you back. You’ll receive the call from the same service number you called to make your callback request. Please note that other calls related to your care may still be made from unknown numbers.

Possible exceptions to our service times

We will inform you about possible exceptions in service times or disruptions in our service lines on our website.

2. Booking an appointment

If we book a remote or in-person appointment for you, you’ll also receive an electronic booking permission to the Self online service. You can use the booking permission to reschedule or cancel your appointment or to check the time and date. 

If you’re going to attend an FSHS partner unit after your need for treatment has been assessed, you’ll receive instructions on how to book your appointment.

Remember to mark your appointment in your calendar. You’ll receive a reminder SMS about the appointment two days (48 hours) before the appointment if you’ve activated appointment reminders in Self and your contact details are up to date. If you’ve rescheduled your appointment, you won’t receive a reminder message.

3. Reschedule or cancel your appointment well in advance

If you can’t make it to your appointment, remember to reschedule or cancel it well in advance. Appointments should be cancelled or rescheduled at least 24 hours before the time of the appointment.

If you miss your appointment or cancel it too late without an acceptable reason, you’ll be charged a fee for the unattended appointment. The fee for unattended appointments concerns all appointments and examinations both FSHS´s own service units and partner service units. This also applies for example to remote appointments, laboratory visits and vaccination visits.. For more information, visit the Charges and invoicing page.

Instructions for rescheduling and canceling an appointment at your FSHS´s own service unit

If your appointment is at an FSHS service unit, you can reschedule or cancel it in Self or call our nationwide phone service. If you reschedule your appointment, you won’t lose your booking permission. Please note that you won’t receive a reminder SMS about appointments that have been rescheduled. If you no longer need the appointment for whatever reason, you can cancel it altogether. Remember that if you cancel your appointment, you’ll lose your booking permission.

Instructions for rescheduling and canceling an appointment at a partner service unit

If your appointment is at a partner service unit, follow the service provider’s instructions on how to reschedule or cancel it.

About the right to use FSHS services when you are graduating

Please note that your right to use FSHS services ends at the end of the academic term during which you graduated. If you were booked an appointment scheduled for the term following your graduation, you’re responsible for cancelling it.