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Self-supervision by the FSHS ensures clients receive high-quality, safe student health services. It is a tool that improves both the quality of care and the legal protection of patients.

In January 2024, the FSHS published a self-supervision programme as required by the Finnish Act on Supervision in Healthcare and Social Welfare. The self-supervision programme covers service unit self-supervision plans and pharmacotherapy plans.

The self-supervision programme and the self-supervision plan will be published online, while the regional self-supervision plans will be made available for customers to read at FSHS service units.

The self-supervision programme describes how supervision will be organised and performed in order to ensure compliance with the FSHS’s obligations. The programme explains how the availability, safety and quality of healthcare services as well as the equal treatment of customers and patients will be monitored, and how any inadequacies identified will be addressed. In addition to supervising its own activities, the FSHS will also oversee compliance with subcontracting agreements.

The self-supervision programme

The self-supervision plan (awaiting translation)