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At the request of an institution of higher education and in accordance with the SORA legislation, the FSHS will make an assessment of unsuitability for study in situations where the institution concerned is considering revoking a student’s right to study, for which purpose it needs a medical statement.

FSHS conducts unsuitability assessments for studies only at its own service units. Institutions of higher education can obtain an assessment from the subcontractors used by FSHS in locations where FSHS does not have its own service unit.

The requirement for the assessment of unsuitability for study is that the higher education institution has defined and published the health requirements specific to the student’s field of study and that the field of study is governed by the SORA legislation. The FSHS will perform the assessment in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, and the costs will be paid by the higher education institution concerned.

The assessment of unsuitability for study is a multidisciplinary process coordinated by a general practitioner in the student’s healthcare team. A public health nurse or psychiatric nurse, psychologist and/or psychiatrist may also participate in the assessment if necessary. With the consent of the higher education institution, external experts (such as a neuropsychologist or ophthalmologist) can also be involved in the assessment. If the situation is particularly difficult, the student can be referred to the Work Capacity Evaluation Outpatient Clinic at HUS.

When a higher education institution is planning to begin assessing a student’s unsuitability for study, its FSHS contact person or another employee may contact the FSHS team assigned to the higher education institution or unit in question. Before starting to assess a student’s unsuitability for study, it is recommended to arrange a student health meeting where the student, the higher education institution and student healthcare staff can discuss the situation, the health requirements of the field of study concerned and the measures already taken to make studying easier for the student. During or after the meeting, the higher education institution may request a medical statement on the student’s suitability for study. The FSHS will begin the assessment of unsuitability for study after obtaining a written description of the difficulties the student is experiencing and any support measures taken as well as their effect, and the health requirements specific to the field of study.