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FSHS takes part into an extensive survey for higher education students, The Finnish Student Health and Wellbeing Survey. The surveys is conducted by The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL). The survey is conducted roughly once every four years.

From the survey, FSHS gains valuable information about its services. The survey questionnaire includes separate questions regarding FSHS services and how students have experienced using them. The results aid FSHS in monitoring how student experiences of FSHS change over time.

An invitation to the survey will be sent to 12,000 randomly selected students from universities and universities of applied sciences.

Read more about the survey on THL web pages

Read more about the year 2024 survey on FSHS bulletin

Previous surveys

The previous survey was conducted by THL year 2021. Before that FSHS has conducted the national Finnish Student Health Survey in 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012 and 2016, in which the target group has been Finnish students who are under the age of 35. The survey is targeted on tertiary education students (Bachelor’s or Master’s degree) and has included since 2008 the students’ from universities of applied sciences.

These surveys cover issues related to students’ physical, mental and social health. Moreover, the survey has covered issues that impact health such as social relations, studies, income, use of health care services and opinion of the quality of those services.

Data obtained in the surveys has been used in around 200 research reports, articles, abstracts or other publications. Moreover, the data has also been used in developing student health care services and other health enhancing projects.

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