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You can use FSHS services if you are studying for a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree and you have registered as an attending student.

Those entitled to use FSHS services:

  • University students (Bachelor’s or Master’s degree),
  • Students at universities of applied sciences (Bachelor’s or Master’s degree),
  • Police University College students (Bachelor’s degree) and
  • Civilian students at the National Defence University.

Those not entitled to use FSHS services:

  • Students at open universities of applied sciences,
  • Students at open universities,
  • Students at Högskolan på Åland,
  • Postgraduate students (e.g. licentiate and doctoral students),
  • Students at the National Defence University studying to become an officer,
  • Students studying on other than degree courses in higher education (e.g. complementary training, specialization studies or separate study modules),
  • Commissioned education students,
  • Police University College students (Master’s degree),
  • International exchange students not completing a degree in Finland