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16.1.2020 12 pm: Forms related to invoices and reminders of payments are currently not available at the Self-service. The disturbance will be mended within week 5. Contact your local service unit in urgent matters. We regret the inconvenience caused.
Health examinations

First-year students will receive an invitation to a health examination comprising

  • a health survey, and
  • if necessary, an appointment with a public health nurse and/or oral health professional. 

The survey broadly covers matters related to your health and factors affecting it, such as health behaviour, health status, personal relationships and study-related matters. A public health nurse will review your answers and send you a personal health assessment and if necessary, an invitation to a health examination and/or dental check-up. 

If you wish, you can also book an appointment for a health examination and/or dental check-up by contacting the booking service of the FSHS unit in your study town.

Complete the health survey in Self

The health survey will be uploaded on the Self online service during your first study year. You will receive an invitation to complete it by an SMS or email. Please check that your contact details are up to date in Self.