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Health examinations

First-year students will receive an invitation to a health examination comprising

  • the HealthStart questionnaire and
  • if necessary, an appointment with a public health nurse and/or oral health professional. 

The HealthStart questionnaire covers broadly matters related to your health and factors affecting it, such as health behaviour, health status, personal relationships, and study-related matters.

After completing the HealthStart questionnaire, you’ll receive immediate feedback on your state of health and may be referred for health promotion services. If your answers indicate a need for an appointment, you’ll be automatically booked one. You’ll be informed about the appointment within four weeks after completing the questionnaire. The appointment will take place during your first academic year. You’ll also receive a booking permission that you may use to reschedule the appointment for a more suitable date if necessary.

Complete the health survey in Self

The HealthStart questionnaire will appear in the Self online service soon after you’ve begun your studies. You’ll receive an SMS about completing the HealthStart questionnaire. Please check that your contact details are up to date in Self.