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Oral diseases progress slowly and are hard to notice by yourself. You should therefore attend oral health examinations regularly even if you don’t have toothache or other oral symptoms. Oral diseases that are at an early stage can be halted through good self-care.

Oral health examinations at the FSHS include an examination by a dentist and a screening examination by an oral hygienist. These examinations are free of charge. You can find more information on other oral healthcare fees in the section “Service fees”.

After completing the health survey for first-year students, you will receive personal feedback on your oral health and, if necessary, an invitation to an oral health examination or treatment. If you wish, you can always book an appointment for an oral health examination.

Examination by a dentist

The first oral health examination at the FSHS will always be performed by a dentist. The dentist will check the condition of your mouth, teeth, wisdom teeth and gums as well as assess the need for health counselling and other services. The dentist will create a treatment plan with you and fix a date for the next examination.

Screening examination by an oral hygienist

Oral health follow-up examinations will be performed by an oral hygienist according to the treatment plan drawn up by the dentist. In the screening examination, the oral hygienist will assess the need for treatment by a dentist and give instructions on self-care of teeth and gums. If necessary, the oral hygienist will also clean your teeth, remove any dental calculus and provide guidance on dental care.