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You can discuss sexual health matters at any appointment. There’s also plenty of sexual health information available in the Health information resource.

Birth control

If you need advice on birth control, contact the booking service at SelfChat or by calling our service number. Birth control advice is provided by public health nurses, supported by general practitioners.

You can renew your birth control prescription online.

Check also what kinds of services your hometown provides. Some towns offer birth control options free of charge for those under 25 years of age.

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)

Your FSHS service unit will give you advice on STDs, assess your need for treatment and if necessary, refer you for an appointment. There is also a remote testing option for chlamydia and gonorrhoea.

Other sexual health matters and guidance

Public health nurses and general practitioners will advise and help you in matters or problems relating to sexuality and sexual health. They can also refer you to other healthcare services if necessary. Remote consultations with a sex counsellor and sex therapist are also available.