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Nutrition is one of the major factors affecting our health and wellbeing. That’s why it’s worth paying attention to.

In the simplest terms, nutrition refers to the foods and drinks we consume and their effect on our health. In reality nutrition covers much more, such as how our wellbeing and food choices are affected by our food environment (food culture, how foods are served, how much they cost), eating behaviour (why, how, when and with whom we eat) as well as individual factors (values, genes, knowledge).

The FSHS Nutrition app is there to support you

These pages provide information about healthy nutrition and give you instructions and ideas about how to review your eating habits and support your lifestyle change. Did you know that the FSHS has a mobile app called FSHS Nutrition? It has plenty of content and is available to all students in higher education free of charge! Read more here.

Want to discuss your eating habits?

As you start reflecting on your eating habits and attitude to food, you may want to discuss them with a healthcare professional. At the FSHS, nutritional guidance is provided by public health nurses. If necessary, a doctor will assess your situation. If you want to discuss your eating habits, book an appointment with a public health nurse at your service unit.

Service options

Check the FSHS Nutrition service and group activities

The cover of the booklet

Download the recipes booklet

  • It contains 21 recipes by students to students
  • Healthy, affordable, enviromentally friendly and easy to make
  • Contains vegan alternatives!