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New student welcome to FSHS!

You are welcome to use our health services as a student in higher education. The FSHS provides students with support for well-being and health and on top of that we provide support for the betterment of health of study communities. Here is collected a list of useful information and a short video about our services and how to use them.

Student health services are at your disposal

We offer you services in general health, mental health and oral health. You receive the right to use our services in January after enrolling as present for the semester. Please note, that the transfer of the information regarding your enrollment comes with a small delay to us. Read more about the right to use services >>

Our services are free of charge

You can use our services and come to appointments without paying. However, note that we do charge for appointments which have not been used and have not been rescheduled or cancelled on time. Read more about service fees >>

Healthcare fee for students is paid to Kela

The healthcare fee for students in higher education, which is paid to Kela, covers all services at the FSHS. Please note, that the fee has to be paid to Kela on your own initiative. More exact information about the healthcare fee as well as payment dates can be found at Kela’s website. More about the healthcare fee >>

FSHS services across Finland

Our services are accessible locally in almost all study towns with institutions of higher education. We have service units in 45 different study towns. Your primary service unit is the SHVS service unit in your own study town. Our service units can be found from here >>

Please note, that only students who study at a location in which there is a branch unit operated by one of our partners can use that service unit.

The nearest service unit is in your phone

We at the FSHS are providing an increasing amount of services also remotely. At your disposal is an extensive selection of digital and remote services. You can for instance come on remote consultations, renew your prescriptions, reschedule or cancel your appointments by using our digital and remote services.

Use Self online service

Our digital and remote services are in Self. You can easily take care of issues related to your health by using Self online service. Start using Self >>

Book an appointment by phone or SelfChat

You can make an appointment through the need for treatment assessment, which is conducted either by calling our national service numbers or through SelfChat. Read more about booking an appointment >>

Reschedule or cancel your appointment in time

Remember to cancel or reschedule your appointment in time in case you cannot arrive according to an agreed appointment. Otherwise you will be charged a penalty fee for the uncancelled appointment. Read more about cancelling or rescheduling >>

Take care of yourself

Are you worried about your health? You will find information and self-care instructions through our health information resource. Start using the health information resource >>

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