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The Self online service provides a quick and easy way for you to take care of your health-related issues. After registering as a Self user, you can easily manage several matters online.

Register as a Self user

  • Go to the Self online service.
  • Use your online banking ID or mobile ID to log in to the service. During identification, your right to use the FSHS services will also be checked.
  • When logging in for the first time, you should accept the terms and conditions of the service. 
  • To start using Self, fill in your contact details. Remember also to specify your preferred method (SMS or e-mail) of receiving new information alerts sent to you via the service.
  • Make sure that your contact details are up to date, as they are not automatically updated via the Population Register Centre or other organisations.

You can use Self for the following:

Manage your appointments

  • Book an appointment once you have received a booking permission from our phone service or by one of our professionals.
  • Cancel or reschedule appointments. Please note, that if you cancel your appointment that your booking permission will be unavailable.

Chat with us

  • Consult our healthcare professionals to assess the need for treatment and for self-care instructions.

Access a remote consultation

Ask for more information on your ongoing treatment

  • You can receive treatment instructions from the healthcare professional treating you.
  • You can reply to messages and ask for more information.

Contact us in problem situations

  • You can solve problem situations (e.g. if your agreed booking permission, examination results or treatment instructions cannot be found in Self).
  • You will find a contact form among the forms in Self. 

Complete medical history forms

  • In some cases, the healthcare staff needs to know your health details before your appointment and will send you medical history forms to be completed in Self.
  • Complete the required medical history forms in Self before your appointment.

Complete a health survey

  • First-year students can complete a health survey in Self.
  • After completing the health survey, a public health nurse will review your answers and you will receive a personal health assessment in Self.

Provide medical history data for renewal of birth control prescriptions

  • Complete a medical history form for renewal of birth control prescriptions in Self.

Manage invoices

  • You can request a correction of an invoice.

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