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If you are a social or healthcare student and your studies includes practical training at health care and social services units, check your protection against influenza, measles, pertussis (whooping cough) and varicella (chickenpox). Check at the beginning of your studies which vaccines you need for the training and get them at least 3 months beforehand.

Section 48 of the revised Infectious Diseases Act governs the immunity of students participating in practical training, the aim being to protect patients. This section will apply from 1 March 2018. The purpose of the Act is to ensure that all staff members and students working at health care and social services units get vaccinated against influenza every year and are protected against measles and varicella, through either vaccination or a personal history of the disease. Those caring for children aged under 1 year must also be vaccinated against pertussis. This will improve the safety of both patients and the students.

  • If you are not fully vaccinated or if you are not sure, please contact FSHS. If vaccination is contraindicated and you cannot be vaccinated because of an allergy, for example, the FSHS will issue a statement to this effect.
  • If vaccination status is by law, a verbal statement or your own notification compliant with section 48 is sufficient. A written statement about the vaccines you’ve received or diseases you’ve had is not required. (THL 2019)

Vaccinations are free of charge.

Getting vaccinated is voluntary, and presenting a statement on suitability is also voluntary. However, your practical training location is required by law to check your suitability and the employer is not obliged to accept you for the training if your suitability cannot be confirmed.