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The FSHS Nutrition app will be shut down at the end of January

The FSHS Nutrition app will be shut down on 31 January 2024. The FSHS has decided to stop offering the app, which has provided nutritional advice, to higher education students because maintaining and developing the app would require more resources from the FSHS than it is able to spare.

“We’re sorry that this FSHS guidance channel will end for those students that have been using it. To get a mobile app like this to take off would require considerably more financial and human resources, and right now that isn’t feasible for us. Our highly qualified public health nurses and other healthcare professionals will continue to provide nutritional advice and guidance. We also have a dietitian whose services are available for students,” says FSHS Medical Director Teija Kulmala.

“With the FSHS Nutrition app, we learnt a lot about utilising digital platforms, and the work will continue later on with the development of our own digital platform,” Kulmala continues.

Within the last two years, the app accumulated over 10,000 registered users, but further development would’ve required additional resources. The FSHS will notify app users directly about the service being shut down and guide them to other advice and service channels.

Using the nutrition app has been free for students. The app has provided support for healthy eating and offered peer support, training programs, and exercises to boost your well-being. Providing digital services is an important part of the FSHS service model, and the FSHS will find a way to continue to offer nutritional advice digitally, but with fewer resources required.