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The FSHS is improving equal access to care and speeding up the start of treatment

The FSHS is reorganising the provision of its healthcare services to make higher education students’ access to care more equal and to provide them with faster help for their health issues. Efforts will be made to reduce service backlogs that occur particularly at the start of each term.

The way appointments are booked will be streamlined. In future, when a student contacts the FSHS for a general, mental or oral health related matter, the FSHS will assess the student’s situation and need for treatment and, if necessary, already provide them with access to further FSHS services. In other words, if an appointment is needed, it will be booked right away. The student will also be provided with advice, guidance and self-care material.

Students contacting the FSHS for mental health services will receive properly targeted help the first time they are in touch with a healthcare professional, meaning they will not have to wait to start their treatment path. Students are first provided access to either a group or guided self-care, which includes advice and support from a psychiatric nurse. If necessary, students are further referred to a general practitioner.

The changes are in response to the fact that demand for services has been growing for several years now. The FSHS needs to provide healthcare services for higher education students more efficiently. On top of this, the Care Guarantee requirements for health services will become stricter in September, requiring that access to care be provided faster than at present.