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Do you have a few minutes to calm down?

The Small Changes for Good Health week, focused on student well-being and held from 2 to 6 October 2023, has begun. Throughout the tweek, our experts will discuss about different ways to relieve and prevent stress symptoms. There will be online events via Teams and one is even held in English. We’ve also published a sensory exercise on our website. The exercise helps you to focus on the present and calm yourself down. You can do the exercise by listening to a five-minute audio recording or reading a text – just choose a time that suits you best.

You may notice immediate benefits even after a single practice session. However, mindfulness exercises become easier and provide the most benefit when done regularly, for example, 1–5 times a week.

Students sitting in a couch, texts "Small Changes for Good Health, Student well-being week 2.-6.10.2023" and a puzzle in FSHS:s brand colors.

The exercise is from the StressLess coaching offered by FSHS in Finnish, Swedish, and English. Would you like to learn more about these themes? Welcome to our International Wednesday on 4 October at 12 pm. You will have an excellent chance to ask FSHS’s general-, mental-, and oral health care specialists about stress, and learn about selfcare and -prevention. This lunch webinar is held in English by our public health nurse, StressLess group instructor Sini Peteri, physiotherapist Sanna Laaksonen, dietitian Reetta Kinnunen and oral hygienist Roby Fox. You do not need to register for the lunch webinar in advance. The webinar is held via Teams.

Read more about the theme week here.