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The StressLess coaching course is designed to teach you to adopt a new attitude to difficult thoughts and to accept and deal with difficult emotions. With the group’s support, you’ll learn how to live life your way. You’ll learn about what mindfulness has to offer and practise what you’ve learned independently between group sessions. If you are experiencing difficult thoughts, emotions and stress, join our StressLess coaching course.

What is StressLess coaching?

StressLess coaching will teach you about mindfulness, dealing with difficult thoughts and emotions, the balance between acceptance and change, and working towards your values. It’s based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), in Finland abbreviated HOT, and works as early intervention.

Could StressLess coaching be for you?

✓ StressLess coaching provides early support. It’s not therapy or psychiatric treatment. Prior experience of practising mindfulness is not required.

✓ You’ll need to attend all group sessions and do the exercises between the sessions.


8-12 students are enrolled in each group. The group convenes 8 times, usually once a week, 1.5 hours at a time. There are face-to-face skill training groups as well as remote group training sessions.

StressLess skill training groups

If you already have a treatment contact at the FSHS, ask about StressLess coaching during your appointment. You can also contact the assessment of the need for treatment team by phone or via SelfChat.

StressLess group training that is open to everyone

The content of the trainings corresponds to the StressLess skill trainings organized at the service points, but in contrast to them, the group trainings are organized as open nationwide remote groups. You can sign up for group coaching using the Self form.