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Coming soon during the Small Changes for Good Health week: Ways to manage stress

Stress can be felt throughout the body – for example as a tension in the neck, back or jaw area, stomach symptoms and mental strain. During the Small Changes for Good Health week, focused on student well-being and held from 2 to 6 October 2023, our experts will talk about different ways to relieve and prevent stress symptoms. There will be several online events via Teams and one is even held in English.

Students sitting in a couch, texts "Small Changes for Good Health, Student well-being week 2.-6.10.2023" and a puzzle in FSHS:s brand colors.

Welcome to the International Wednesday on 4 October 2023 from 12 pm to 1 pm

Now you will have an excellent chance to ask FSHS’s general-, mental-, and oral health care specialists about stress, and learn about selfcare and -prevention. This lunch webinar is held in English by our public health nurse, StressLess group instructor Sini Peteri, physiotherapist Sanna Laaksonen, dietitian Reetta Kinnunen and oral hygienist Roby Fox. You do not need to register for the lunch webinar in advance. The webinar is held via Teams.

Questions can be sent in advance

If you want, as a student in higher education you have a chance to send your own question anonymously to our experts in advance via this form no later than Wednesday 27 September 2023.

Please note that you are not supposed to send any personal health information or other sensitive information via this form or in the chat field during the webinar. Only general questions can be answered during the webinar.

If you are able to follow discussions in Finnish or Swedish, you will find even more events during the theme week. In that case please check our Finnish site.

FSHS organizes the Small Changes for Good Health week now for the second time.
During the theme week, we want to remind you that you can promote your health and well-being with very small actions.