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Teija Kulmala appointed FSHS Medical Director 

Teija Kulmala D.Med.Sc., Specialist in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, took up her duties as the FSHS’s new Medical Director on 8 August 2022. Kulmala will be responsible for FSHS services, developing service production and for reporting.

Kulmala has extensive experience in private and public healthcare management, covering both primary and specialised healthcare. Her posts before joining the FSHS include Medical Director in municipal-level primary healthcare in Pirkanmaa and Chief Business Officer with the Pihlajalinna Group.

 “Teija’s strong management skills and experience will benefit the FSHS. She also has a good ideas about how to develop student healthcare, says Katariina Poskiparta, Managing Director at the FSHS.

At the FSHS, Kulmala’s first jobs will include consolidating operations in the new operating environment and further developing digital services and low-threshold mental health services.

“The beginning of 2021 saw a considerable expansion of FSHS services and the number of clients and staff. Organizationally much progress has been made in the new operating environment, and we’ll continue to consolidate the new working procedures and the service model. Another focus is on offering our clients a range of practical digital services to meet their demands. Digital service development has been going on together with students for a long time already and will continue. We also aim to add more low-threshold services to meet the increased needs in mental health services. The effects of the coronavirus pandemic still persist, and the war in Ukraine and the general economic situation are bringing challenges and uncertainty to students’ daily life and wellbeing,” Kulmala points out.

Student healthcare is new territory for Kulmala. She regards the FSHS’s role in the Finnish healthcare sector as important and is looking forward to working with students. 

“Student healthcare is a unique field of expertise provided by FSHS professionals. When we do our work well and efficiently, many parties benefit. We’ll be working alongside the public sector and the new Wellbeing services counties as an expert partner and cooperative service provider. But above all we’re there to help students to concentrate on their studies and complete them on time.”

A photo of Teija Kulmala.
Teija Kulmala