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Participate in the Let’s get moving! -competition

Through the challenge we want to motivate all students in higher education to keep exercising despite this being the darkest time of the year. That is why we have set up a light-hearted social media challenge to invite you to exercise with us!

All organisations taking part in the challenge will stand a chance of winning a prize of 20 sports vests. The winning organisation will get its own logo printed on the vests. The competition runs between the 17th of November and the 10th of December 2021.

Participating is easy

  1. Watch the video about the challenge on the FSHS’s Instagram account
  2. Create your own light-hearted exercise-related video
  3. Publish the video in your organisation’s Instagram Stories or feed (if your organisation is only using Facebook, you can take part there)
  4. Tag FSHS in your post

Please use the hashtag #lähdeliikkeelle in your post and encourage your members to get moving.

The challenge is part of our Exercise 2021-2022 theme year, the aim of which is to motivate students in higher education to exercise.

Rules of the competition

Who can participate?

All student organisations at Finnish institutions of higher education can participate in the campaign.

Prizes and announcing them

The FSHS will draw a prize of 20 sports vests each showing the logo of the winning organisation. The value of the prize is at most 160 euros.

The prize cannot be exchanged for money or other prizes. The organizer will agree on delivery of the prize together with the winner by 17 December 2021.

How to participate in the campaign

Participants are required to create a short exercise-related video and post it on their organisation’s Instagram or Facebook account with the tag @fshs. The challenge will take place between 17 of November and 10 December 2021.

Responsibilities of the organizer

The FSHS is responsible for any lottery tax that the campaign may involve. Participants discharge the FSHS and any of its partners involved in organising the campaign from liability regarding any damages due, or claimed to be due, to participation in the campaign. The FSHS’s liability towards the participants shall not exceed the value or number of the prizes stated in these rules. The FSHS shall not be responsible for any IT-related problems or obstacles arising from participation in the campaign or delivery of the prize.


Participants are responsible for respecting the copyright of the material produced as required by law. By taking part in the challenge, participants grant the FSHS permission to share the video material produced on the FSHS’s Instagram and Facebook account.

Other terms and conditions

The FSHS will use the campaign’s marketing channels to announce any changes relating to the campaign, prizes, dates, availability, or other matters that may affect the running of the campaign. The FSHS reserves the right to make changes to the campaign and its rules provided such changes have no significant impact on the participants.

Instagram or Facebook are not involved in the challenge.

ig stories picture of the competition