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Lunchtime drop-ins: stress management during lunch breaks

Do you find it hard taking breaks while studying remotely? Do you often have lunch alone at the computer? Are you constantly stressed? Feel you can’t cope? Attention wandering?

There have been fewer and fewer face-to-face meetings and attendance at lectures for over a year now. Deciding when to take a break is up to you and the way you arrange your day.

Taking breaks is really important for your energy levels and stress management. Your brain needs moments of rest in the midst of intensive studying.

Try it out, join in and get support

A 30-minute lunchtime drop-in will reconnect you with yourself during your lunch break. You’ll also have a chance to receive peer support for your daily life during the pandemic.

Lunchtime drop-ins always begin with a guided mindfulness exercise. According to studies, mindfulness is an effective way to relieve stress. Regular mindfulness exercises help you to take breaks and distance you from stressful thoughts.

After the exercise, there’s the opportunity to share your thoughts about the session and about your life during the pandemic and get support from other participants and the instructor.

You don’t need to have lunch to join in!

Join the remote drop-in in relaxed surroundings where you can eat in a comfortable position.

Having lunch is not necessary, but why not take advantage of the opportunity to combine three enjoyable activities: eating, doing a mindfulness exercise and meeting others.

Please note that lunchtime drop-ins are not therapy groups and are open to anyone interested.

Why attend lunchtime drop-ins?

  • To pause and have a relaxed lunch break
  • To learn effective stress management tips
  • To meet people
  • To share and ask things about life during the pandemic.

In Finnish, Swedish and English – why not attend all of them?

Lunchtime drop-ins will be held on Tuesdays from 11.30 to 12.00 am from March to May 2021. Dates for the sessions in different languages are given below. Mark them in your diary. All lunchtime drop-ins will be similar – join just one or join them all!

The lunchtime drop-ins will be hosted by Priska Pennanen, FSHS psychologist and mindfulness instructor CFM®. The sessions won’t be recorded.

Poika tekee läsnäoloharjoitusta sohvalla luurit korvilla.