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NEW: Appointments with online doctors now available

Appointments with FSHS online doctors are now available. Online doctors will treat acute minor complaints through remote consultation at the Self online clinic, which is open on working days during the FSHS’s service hours. Referral for a consultation is based on assessment of the need for treatment.

For appointments with online doctors, the same instructions apply as to other FSHS remote consultations.

  • For remote consultations, you’ll need a device such as a computer or a smartphone with a video connection. The service can be used with the following operating systems and browsers: Windows, Linux and Android devices: use Chrome (versions 2018 and up), Firefox (versions 2018 and up) or Internet Explorer (requires an add-on installation); macOS and iOS devices (versions 11.1.2 and up): use Safari browser.
  • Remote consultations are carried out in Self in accordance with the FSHS data protection statement. You should also take care of data protection and secure use. Choose a quiet place where you can comfortably discuss your situation and treatment.
  • Recording remote consultations is prohibited, unless all participating parties have given their consent.

Here’s what to do before the remote consultation:

  • Log in to Self well before your consultation is due to begin.
  • Start the consultation by clicking “remote consultation” on the menu.
  • If the data connection is not working, the FSHS will call you. Don’t forget to check that your contact details in Self are up to date.

FSHS online doctors are part of the new service model. The service model will become fully operational on 1 January 2021 as part of the expansion of the FSHS, with different parts piloted starting from October. Read more >