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Depression School is a group treatment approach that has been scientifically proved to be effective in mild and moderate depression. There are both face-to-face and remote groups.

How does Depression School work?

  • Depression School provides peer support, information about depression, and self-care instructions. The work is future-oriented and focuses on skill training.
  • At Depression School, you’ll be shown how to build your own “toolbox” to relieve depression with the help of daily skill training and mood monitoring.
  • At the end of Depression School, important observations made at the sessions will be gathered together to create a plan to prevent depression from recurring.

Group meetings

  • 6-10 students are enrolled in each group. The group is usually guided by two FSHS healthcare professionals.
  • The group convenes 10 times. At each group meeting, a new theme and a related theory and exercises are presented.
  • The meetings are usually arranged once a week and last for two hours at a time.
  • Check with the group leader for exact meeting weeks and days, as some of the groups may have break weeks. Some of the groups that start at the end of the fall semester can also continue in the spring semester.
  • Please notify the group leader well in advance if you will be absent from the group.

Could Depression School be for you?

  • Depression School is intended for those experiencing depression for the first time or whose depression has recurred and is mild or moderate in severity as diagnosed by a doctor. Depression School is also suitable for those with persistent depression (dysthymia) and can also be useful in situations where depressive symptoms occur without the actual depression.
  • Acute crisis and substance abuse problems must have been passed by the start of the group. Depression School is not suitable for persons who have bipolar disorder. Dyslexia can make it difficult to participate in group work.

How to enrol

If you already have a treatment contact at the FSHS, ask about Depression School during your appointment. You can also contact the treatment needs assessment team by phone or via SelfChat.