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According to a health survey among students in higher education, social anxiety is the second most common psychological problem among students. The FSHS organizes anxiety management groups for anyone experiencing anxiety at its service units nationwide. The Current Care guidelines recommend such groups for the prevention and management of social anxiety that is disrupting daily life.

The anxiety management group will help you

  • reflect on yourself and your way of reacting in situations causing anxiety
  • share experiences with others
  • get new ideas, and
  • find ways to relieve anxiety.

Anxiety will be addressed with the help of introductions, discussions, exercises and homework. You’ll learn to better understand your anxiety. You’ll be able to experiment with ways that can relieve anxiety and learn to better accept your anxiety. The group is a great place to practice social situations in a safe environment.

How to enroll on the anxiety management group

If you already have a treatment contact at the FSHS, ask about the anxiety management group during your appointment. You can also ask for an assessment of the need for treatment (general and mental health) by phone or via SelfChat. It is possible to enroll to the groups continuously.

Practical issues about the group

  • The anxiety management groups are for up to 10 students in higher education who feel that anxiety is disrupting their studies, work or other social situations.
  • There are eight group sessions, one per week. The duration of each session is 2 hours.
  • The group can meet face to face or remotely.
  • The instructors will briefly interview the participants before the first session.
  • Students should attend all sessions. Any absences should be discussed beforehand with the instructors.