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All our own service units, SelfChat and our nationwide telephone services will be closed on Midsummer Eve, Friday 21 June 2024.

Will you start your studies in the spring semester 2024? – Welcome to the FSHS services

As a new degree student in higher education you are welcome to use our services at the FSHS. We are here to support your health and well-being throughout your studies.

We provide primary-level general and mental health services, oral health services and look after well-being in student communities nationwide.

Students by the river and the text "Welcome to the FSHS services".

On this page, we have collected useful information about using our services.

Register as present for the semester

You can use our services if you’re studying bachelor’s or master’s degree in a higher education institution in Finland and you have registered as an attending student.

The right to use services is valid according to the semesters and it starts at earliest on the first day of the semester (autumn semester from 1 August to 31 December and spring semester from 1 January to 31 July). Please note that the information regarding your enrollment will be transferred to us from higher education institutions with a delay of approximately 1–3 days.

International exchange students not completing a degree in a finnish higher education institution are not entitled to use the FSHS services.

When you want to contact us

When you need us, you can call one of our nationwide service numbers or contact us via the Self online service by using chat or completing a service form suitable for your symptoms.

A healthcare professional will discuss with you to assess the need for treatment and its level of urgency. Depending on your needs, you may be referred to remote services, local services, or be given self-care instructions.

Please note that due to the data protection, we cannot answer treatment-related questions by e-mail or via social media channels.

We will inform you about possible exceptions in service times or disruptions in our service lines on our website.

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Local services across Finland

Our local services are available in nearly all study towns nationwide. We provide services at our own service units and partner units. Your primary service unit is the one in the town where you’re studying. Service units operated by partners are only for the students studying in these towns.

Appointments for all FSHS services and partners’ service units are always made at the FSHS through our assessment of the need for treatment.

A wide range of digital services

We’re providing more and more services remotely. Most of these services can be found in the Self online service. Start using Self as soon as you start studying!

In Self you can for example reschedule or cancel your appointments, manage your personal information or complete health and service forms. You can also use Self to access remote appointments.

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Pay the healthcare fee to Kela

The healthcare fee for students in higher education that students pay to Kela covers all FSHS services. Please remember that you must pay the health care fee to Kela for each semester on your own initiative. Any more specific questions about the healthcare fee should be addressed directly to Kela, which is responsible for collecting the fee.

We at the FSHS do not charge fees for appointments or services (except for the fee for unattented appointments that you haven’t cancelled in time).

If your social security is covered by another EU/EEA country, Switzerland, Great Britain or Northern Ireland (instead of Finland), you may not have to pay the healthcare fee. Then prepare to show a valid European Health Insurance Card or Global Health Insurance card, when visiting FSHS. Also deliver a copy of the card to Kela according to Kela’s own instructions.

Reschedule or cancel your appointment well in advance

If you cannot make it to your appointment, please remember to reschedule or cancel it no later than 24 hours prior to the appointment in the Self online service or by calling. This way you avoid paying for a fee for unattended appointments.

The fee for unattended appointments concerns all appointments, treatment based groups and examinations and are valid in both FSHS own as well as partners service units. This also applies for example to remote receptions, appointments by phone calls and vaccination visits

You will be able to answer the HealthStart questionnaire within your first academic year

The health examination for first-year students begins with the HealthStart questionnaire in the Self online service. After completing the questionnaire you’ll receive an assessment of your state of health. If needed and based on your answers you will be referred for an in-person or remote consultation. You may also get useful health promotion tips.

If you are starting your first degree at a higher education institution, the HealthStart questionnaire will appear in the Self online service within your first academic year. And if you update your contact information in Self immediately after the semester has started, you will get a personal invitation by SMS. We will also inform you on our news channels when the questionnaire will be available for you.

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Familiarise yourself with our group activities

During the semesters, we arrange preventive and treatment groups both remotely and at our service units. In a group you can get support for your health and life management.

You can discuss attending a group with your nurse or doctor. For some groups you can register yourself.

Most of the groups are held in Finnish, but there are also plans for some individual groups held in Swedish or English.

Join our student events

We carry out study community work together with students, institutions of higher education and student associations. You’ll meet us at various student events online and on campuses during the academic year.

Check out the Health Information section on our website

You will find useful health information and tips to promote your well-being in the Health information section on our website.

The Health information section has among other things a search engine to access our Health information resource, which contains a large number of articles on student health.

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Follow news on our website and our social media channels

We continuously publish news and information bulletins with current information at Start also following us in social media channels Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Watch our video presentation for new students
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