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The FSHS student panel´s year 2021

The FSHS student panel began its work on 18 February 2021 when a group of students at universities and universities of applied sciences and FSHS staff members convened for the panel’s inaugural meeting, the first of its kind in FSHS history. In 2021, the panel convened 10 times in different compositions. At plenary meetings of the panel and in four smaller groups, new ideas and concrete proposals were put forward with the aim of developing activities. The participation rate among panel members in 2021 was about 43%.

Results of the student panel´s work in 2021

  • The student panel’s focus for development in 2021 was on the Self online service and its content. The results of this work will be seen in early 2022, once the new Self becomes available to students.
  • Updating the Health questionnaire. The updated HealthStart questionnaire is now being tested and can be accessed in January. Read more  
  • The student panel suggested improvements to the content and layout of the guide for study health meetings and these were taken into account when finalising the guide. The guide was published in November and is being translated. Check out the guide (in Finnish)
  • The student panel also discussed material to be used for communicating with first-year students. This new material will be produced in 2022.

The student panel’s work will be developed based on the findings and feedback from its first year of activities. In 2022, there will be fewer small groups to enable members to review different themes more comprehensively. The panel will also be able to review more topics put forward by students themselves. These will include services for special groups, low-threshold services in study communities, and developing communications with students. In addition, the number of panel members will be reviewed so that the panel can work as smoothly as possible and to encourage contributions from all members. Some panel members will continue in 2021, but new members will be recruited in consultation with student unions.

The FSHS wants to thank all panel members for their groundbreaking work in 2021 and welcomes current and new members to join together in developing the panel’s work in 2022.