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Self is an online service through which students can communicate with the FSHS. It allows you for example to manage your appointment bookings, communicate with us via contact form or chat, access to remote consultation and submit preliminary information forms.

About to travel?

Should I get vaccinated? How should I protect myself against disease? Travel health advice services are intended for students entitled to use FSHS services who are planning to travel. Travel health is closed from 17 Dec to 2 Jan.

Travel health advice

Answer the health inquiry in Self

During your studies your support of well-being and health is FSHS. Get a good start on our journey by telling us how are you today.The FSHS invites all first-year students to health examination.

Answer the health inquiry in Self

Self is the student's own online service

Self is the student's own online service for health care issues at FSHS. You can update your contact information, manage appointment bookings, communicate via contact form or chat and start remote consultation.

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Health information

Our health information site contains a variety of articles on matters related to student-age adults’ health, medical conditions, mental health and oral health. Visit the health information pages.

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