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Self is an online service through which students can communicate with the FSHS. It allows you to manage your appointment bookings, submit preliminary information forms, participate in surveys and communicate securely with FSHS experts.

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Our health information site contains a variety of articles on matters related to student-age adults’ health, medical conditions, mental health and oral health. Visit the health information pages.

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Spring is in the air and so is pollen!

Renew your electronical prescriptions at My Kanta.My Kanta is an online service to all those with a Finnish ID number. You can use the service to see your electronic prescriptions, laboratory results and medical records.

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Do you use Self yet? It’s students own online service at FSHS for easy and fast communication: manage your bookings, fill in preliminary information forms, view your investigation results or communicate secure with FSHS professionals.

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Do you have pain in the neck and upper back? Do you suffer from headache? Do you grind your teeth? If you said yes, you are not alone – very many students have same kind of symptoms.

Tips to avoid neck tension