Start using Self!

Start using the Self service by entering your contact details and choosing how you want to be notified of messages in the service (sms or email).

Log in to the service.

You can use the Self student online service to check and cancel your appointments. If you have received permission to book an appointment, you can also book an appointment and change an existing appointment in the service.

You cannot book or change the following types of appointments through the Self service:

  • an urgent appointment for the current day
  • a video appointment
  • a procedure appointment.

Self allows you to receive secure messages from FSHS staff about your current treatment. You can reply to these messages through the service.

First-year students will be sent a health questionnaire checking their health (the sending of the questionnaires is staggered). Personal feedback on the questionnaire will be sent to you through the service.

Use your online banking ID or mobile ID to log in to the service. When you log in, you will be identified and your right to use FSHS services will be checked. You must have paid the FSHS healthcare fee. The information in the FSHS system will be updated from the universities’ Virta study information service every night.

You can choose English subtitles for the video:



 International student authentication

What is Self?

  • Self is a service that allows FSHS clients to manage their appointments online.
  • To book or change an appointment you need an appointment ticket, which you can get from a FSHS nurse or doctor during an assessment of the need for treatment or an appointment.
  • You do not need a ticket to check or cancel appointments that have already been booked.

What is My Kanta?

  • My Kanta is an online service provided by the Social Insurance Institution (Kela). The service is available to all those with a Finnish ID number. You can use the service to check your health information such as laboratory results and medical records.
  • You can also see your electronic prescriptions and request renewals of them.
  • The service enables transferring data between different healthcare service providers.
  • You can consent to which data can be shared with different healthcare service providers (e.g. the FSHS and your local health centre), and you can change or withdraw your consent at any time.
  • At present the FSHS general health and mental health services use the Kanta system. Our oral health services will join the service later.