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Self is an online service through which students can communicate with the FSHS. It allows you to manage your appointment bookings, submit preliminary information forms, participate in surveys and communicate securely with FSHS experts.

About to travel?

Should I get vaccinated? How should I protect myself against disease? Travel health advice services are intended for students entitled to use FSHS services who are planning to travel.

Travel health advice

Remote testing for sexually transmitted diseases

Do you suspect you have been infected with a sexually transmitted disease? Our free remote test is a quick and easy way to find out if you have gonorrhoea or chlamydia.

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Are you nibbling at your own teeth?

Nibbling gnaws away students' teeth. "Are you nibbling at your own teeth?" wishes to draw students' attention to a modern phenomenon - continuous nibbling on snacks and the detrimental effects of this on oral health.

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Study in Finland

During your studies you can turn to the Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS) for issues related to health and ill health. FSHS provides general, mental and oral health care services.

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