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Services are produced by Etelä-Savon Työterveys and Terveystalo Savonlinna. Appointment via FSHS.

Appointment via FSHS

General and mental health services
Etelä-Savon Työterveys
Visiting address
Kauppatori 6, 57130 Savonlinna
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Oral health services
Terveystalo Savonlinna
Visiting address
Olavinkatu 53, 57100 Savonlinna
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Etelä-Savon Työterveys and Terveystalo Savonlinnan services can only be used by those students’ whose study town is Savonlinna.

Treatment need assessments and appointments

Mon–Thu 8 am–3 pm, Fri 8 am–2 pm
General and mental health services 046 710 1073
Oral health services 046 710 1085

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General health
Mon–Fri at 09 am–11 am
Oral health
Mon–Fri at 09 am–11 am
Mental health
Mon–Fri at 10 am–2 pm

Laboratory and imaging examinations

The service is produced by Etelä-Savon Työterveys
Kauppatori 6, 57130 Savonlinna
Location on map

Appointments to laboratory and imaging examinations require a referral from the FSHS. You can book an appointment from the service provider once you have received a referral.

Imaging examinations for oral health are conducted at the service unit which produces oral health services for this location.

Exceptional opening hours

FSHS own service units’ are open on New Year’s Eve, Maundy Thursday and 30 April FSHS between 8.00 and 12.30.

The service area’s administration

  • Regional Director Tuomas Plosila
  • Regional Medical Director Minna Paavonsalo
  • Regional Medical Director Johanna Stenqvist
  • Regional Medical Director for Mental Health Tarja-Sisko Saastamoinen
  • Regional Medical Director for Dentistry Teija Niinikoski                                                               
  • Head Nurse, FSHS South Kirsi Helosuo
  • Head Nurse, FSHS South Piia Moisio                              
  • Head Nurse, FSHS South Teija Pietilä             
  • Head Nurse, FSHS South Sari Yrjänä
  • Head Nurse, FSHS South Heidi Riska
  • Head Nurse for Oral Health, FSHS South Anne Lampinen