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Remote oral health counselling is a popular addition to local appointments

Remote counselling allows you to discuss issues such as masticatory problems, self-care advice or fear of dental treatment with an oral health professional via a video connection link. You can access remote counselling via a computer wherever you are. Read more about the service in this previously published information bulletin: Remote counselling now available for oral health – FSHS (

More and more students are using remote counselling services. While there were about 400 remote appointments in 2021, last year the number reached 1,700. Remote counselling is an excellent low-threshold addition to the familiar local oral health appointments.

Based on the feedback received from students who attended a remote oral health appointment last year, the service was useful and they would use it again in the future. The feedback and ideas were valuable and will help to make our services even better.

How to access remote counselling

If you have any concerns or questions about oral health, ask the FSHS for an assessment of the need for treatment by phone or on SelfChat. If necessary, you will be referred for remote counselling with an oral hygienist.

You can also enquire about remote appointments from FSHS dentists or public health nurses. Do not hesitate to bring up any questions you may have regarding your oral health.

A person's hand. In the background is a health proffesional via a screen.