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Remote counselling now available for oral health

Did you know that in addition to local appointments, you can now book remote appointments for oral health counselling?

During the appointment, an oral hygienist will help you via a video connection. You can access remote counselling via a computer wherever you are.

”Using remote counselling I can help students with issues such as masticatory problems, give advice on self-care, and generally encourage better dental care. And I can discuss any questions they may have regarding oral health or eating”, says Jarkko Lankinen, an oral hygienist working at the FSHS in Lappeenranta.

Many oral health issues do not require a local appointment but can be dealt with remotely.

You can obtain oral health remote counselling for things such as gum disease, dental cavities, nutrition, fear of treatment, or quitting smoking or using snuff. Or you can ask the oral health professional about the effects of a vegetarian diet on your oral health. They will listen to you and help you take care of your oral health.

”As oral hygienists, we can explain what kind of help is available for things like wisdom teeth problems, as not all of them require extraction”, Lankinen says.

How to access remote counselling

If you have any concerns or questions about oral health, ask the FSHS for an assessment of the need for treatment by phone or on SelfChat. If necessary, you will be referred for remote counselling with an oral hygienist.

You can also enquire about remote appointments from FSHS dentists or public health nurses. Do not hesitate to bring up any questions you may have regarding your oral health.

It starts with your motivation

Good oral health supports your entire well-being. Good daily oral health habits, such as tooth brushing, interdental cleaning and healthy eating habits, promote your oral and dental health. Remember that all questions are worth asking and you are the best person to ask them.

Book an appointment, check out the videos and take the test!

Contact assessment of the need for treatment and ask if you can book a remote appointment with an oral hygienist. Check also the FSHS instructions and videos on tooth brushing and dental self-care .