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Medical records destroyed due to water damage

Update: The water damage that occured at the FSHS Tampere service unit at the beginning of July has turned out to be slightly more extensive than previously thought. In addition to what was described below, about 700 general health patient cards for the FSHS central service area from the years 1979–2000 have been destroyed in the water damage. The individuals who may be affected by this can, if necessary, contact using the contact form provided in the original news article.

Read the original news article published on 12 July 2023:

Water has permanently damaged some of the medical records at the FSHS premises in Tampere. The damage was caused by heavy rain during which water entered the Tampere unit’s archive between July 2nd and 3rd. The FSHS has reported the issue in accordance with the instructions of the data protection authority.

The damaged records are oral health patient document cards and radiographs from the years 1996–1998 and include medical information on around 1000 registered clients. As these are old radiographs and patient records in non-electronic format, they are no longer likely to be clinically significant.

We sincerely apologize for the incident. Measures have been taken and will continue to be taken to ensure the security of the patient archive in the future.

If you were an oral health client at FSHS Tampere during 1996–1998, you can get additional information by contacting the FSHS Data Protection Officer using the contact form.

Reetaleena Hietala, Regional Director, FSHS Central, reetaleena.hietala(at)